Get out of Jail

Get Out Of Jail Fast Follow these steps

How to get out of jail quickly

Once a person is arrested its imperative to call a professional courteous bail bondsman quickly.  At EZ Free Bail Bonds, we understand how confusing, uncomfortable and down right frightening this predicament can be and we are here to make sure bonding you or your loved one out is a smooth process.


Steps in the bail bond process


  1. once you are arrested, you will be brought to a jail.
  2. The jailers will book you in, taking mug shot and fingerprints
  3. Your bond will be set according to the crime you are charged for.
  4. For more serious crimes you may have to wait until a judge sets a specific bond amount for you.
  5. You will get a free phone call. If you call a family member or attorney, it is important that you have them contact a Bail Bond company.
  6. If you can not afford the full amount of the bail, you or your family may call a bail bonds company for help.
  7. The bondsman will accept payment for the service of posting the bond
  8. The bondsman will post the bond to the jail.
  9. You will be released from jail and will be responsible to make all bond obligations including court appearances.

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