1.What should info should i know before calling a bondsman?

What jail is the person located in? What is the correct spelling of their first and last name? What is their birth date?

2.Why do i need a bondsman?

If you do not own enough property in the parish, or cash to cover the bond, a bondsman will post the full amount of the bond and charge you a premium.

3.Can i leave the state once bonded out?

If required by the courts you must get written permission from the bondsman before leaving the state.

4.Can a bail agent discount the fees charged for a bond?

The minimum amount is set by Louisiana state law. We do offer other options but the price is set by the state.

5.What happens if the suspect gets arrested again after posting bond?

Once a suspect is picked up on a new charge the bonding agent has the right to revoke the initial bond. If the suspect wishes to bond out again they will have to bond out of the initial charges again and the new charges.