If you are in need of a bail bondsmen, then EZ Free Bail Bonds is always ready to help you in Bail Bonds Covington needs. Firstly, either you or your legal representative will need to contact us and appraise us of your situation. As a Bail Bonds Covington Company, you can get 3 different types of bonds advises from us:

Bail Bonds Covington

– Cash Bonds where you can get the bond paid by its entirety in cash. As a Bail Bonds Covington Company, we will be happy to provide your bond through a cash payment.

– Property Bonds is where you can post your property as a bond to the court. However, there are certain restrictions using property as a guarantee for the bond. Sometimes the property will need to be in the same district as the court which has rendered the judgment.

– Surety Bonds is where you can pay a portion of the bond to a bail bondsmen and the bail company will post the bail in your behalf. As Bail Bonds Covington, we are obligated by law to take at least 12% of the bail amount plus the associated fees. We are very helpful in these situations and we will be happy to work with you or your representative to find a solution that fits your needs.

Bail Bonds CovingtonAt Bail Bonds Covington, we always keep ourselves appraised of the latest developments in the legal field related to bonds and sureties so that we can provide the best service in a minimum amount of time. We have considerable experience in the Covington area and we are well known in all of the legal circles of Covington. In many cases we are able to provide unique solutions to unique problems.

Our main business comes from referrals as we have built up a good list of clients in the Covington area who have used our services. We understand that anyone can be in need of a bail bond, as life can sometimes take unexpected turns and an accident or any other event can lead to a situation where you might be forced to post bail. As a Bail Bonds Covington Company we are up to date in latest developments and we subscribe to all the latest literature related to bail bondmen.

Thus, if you are in the Covington area and if you need help of our Bail Bonds Covington services, then you don’t need to look any further. You can contact our representatives 24 hours a day and 365 days a year as we are always available to help you in your bail bond needs. If required, we can also come to you and find a special solution to your unique situation. All of our bail agents are well knowledgeable and can help to answer all of your questions.